Student Group Resources

One of the many exciting experiences you can have at Robson Hall is taking part in our Student Clubs/Groups. The mandate of every Ratified MLSA club should be to enrich student life at Robson Hall. You are bound to find a group that matches your interests, and if not consider trying to start up one of your own.

Club Resources, Applications, and Forms

Part of an existing Club or looking to start one? The following resources will assist you:

The links may not be applicable to every student group (see manual for details). Note the forms available are the most recent as of August 2012, but subject to UMSU revisions may be updated. More on UMSU Student Group affiliation and resources are available here.

Starting a New Club

The MLSA allocates money in its budget each year to support the activities of student groups and individuals who wish to augment their education with attendance at events such as conferences. In order to qualify for funding, some information has to be provided to ensure that the student group has a proper structure to manage funding or that the individual’s activities fall within the bounds of eligible funding. Looking to start a new Student Club/Group? Refer to the MLSA Student Club Handbook.

Questions on this topic can be directed to the VP Internal.

Important Dates

The following dates are subject to change.
Friday, September 22, 2017: Club Ratification Packages
Friday, October 13, 2017: Club Funding Applications