Responses to Anonymous Complaints

TOPIC: ExamSoft Changes

Recently, the ExamSoft settings have been changed so that the “Copy and Paste” function is turned off but the “Spell Check” function is turned on. Is there any way to reinstate the “Copy and Paste” function?

MLSA Response: The MLSA executive’s initial information regarding these changes is that these were made to make the exam writing process more fair for hand-writing exam writers, as they cannot copy and paste their content. However, understanding that this is inconsistent with then adding the “Spell Check” function given that hand-written exam writers do not have this advantage, and considering that hand-written exams often include arrows or “please see this section”, essentially a copy and paste function, the MLSA executive will approach the administration and request that the “Copy and Paste” function be reinstated (possibly at the loss of the “Spell Check” function, for consistency reasons).


TOPIC: Promotion Feedback

Students who wish to provide feedback/comments about professors up for promotion anonymously.

MLSA Response: We reached out to the Faculty administration with this question. This was the response: “I am sorry, we do not accept anonymous comments. This is University practice and I wish I had exact wording from the Collective Agreement that I could provide but it is more implied than anything else in the second paragraph, “the candidate shall receive copies of all submissions with identifying letterhead and signatures removed”.”

TOPIC: MLSA Facebook Page

A number of students have expressed concerns about the MLSA Facebook page. Most of these concerns mentioned specific posts and comments that students felt were inappropriate or offensive and created an environment where they did not feel at liberty to express their views.

MLSA Response: The MLSA Facebook page exists to share information among MLSA members and provide a forum where students can discuss or ask questions regarding this information. As such, the page restrictions are quite low – as long as the post or comment is relevant to MLSA goings-on, we allow it. However, we do believe it is of the highest importance that this page remains respectful and maintains the integrity of our faculty. As such, a new policy regarding the MLSA Facebook page will be introduced at the next MLSA meeting whereby any posts or comments that the Communications Director believes violates the school’s Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy* will be removed from the page. In addition, if any posts or comments are reported to the Communications Director or an elected member of the MLSA as being inappropriate or in violation of the aforementioned policy, they will be subject to review by the Communications Director and may also be removed.

* University of Manitoba, “Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy”, online:

TOPIC: New Exam Schedule

Several students have reached out to state that the new exam schedule has left them with several consecutive exams or a schedule that they believe puts them at a disadvantage compared to other students.

MLSA Response: We recommend reaching out to either Associate Dean Fainstein at or Student Advisor Rosa Muller at They can advise each individual student and discuss potential alternative options.