New Event Submissions

If you are not part of an official group, but would like to add an official MLSA event to the calendar, please submit this form to the Communications Director for approval.

Your Name:

Your Email:

Event Name:

Date of event:

It is required you submit the start time, but optional to submit the end time.

Event Status (confirmed/ tentative):
Indicate your events status as either Confirmed: meaning you have already booked the date, room etc. or Tentative: meaning you are planning to hold the event on this date, but you have not confirmed it yet. Tentative dates will still go on the calendar with a tentative status in order to help others plan their events

Include the Room number, building, complete address, etc. depending on where your event is being held.

Event Write-up:
Include a description of your event to be posted in the Upcoming Event Postings section of the website. This should be as detailed possible, including who to contact, how to register, where to buy tickets and so forth. Please see past postings for examples. Submissions without an event description write-up will not be posted anywhere else on the website besides the calendar.

Submit graphic:
If you have an image or graphic for the event please upload it below. Ensure your graphic is appropriate, not offensive and is compatible with MLSA regulations and guidelines. Should the form not work send it by email to PDF or JPG files only

Note before submitting:
Please anticipate a minimum of 72 business hours before the event is displayed on the website - the sooner the submission, the better. Submitting an event using this form is only for the website, and not for other faculty or University related calendars. If your submission was sent through successfully a thank you message will appear on the next page.