Group Information at Robson

Business Law Group
The Business Law Group (“BLG”) is the largest student group at Robson Hall, and the only one focused exclusively on corporate commercial legal practices. We understand that it’s difficult to get a feel for the practice of law purely from the courses offered in law school. That is why BLG supplements your classroom learning by providing you with a hands on perspective of the practice of corporate law.

Once a month, BLG hosts corporate commercial legal practitioners from Manitoba’s leading law firms, your future employers, at speaker series with BLG members. Topics canvassed by our speakers include, an introduction to business law, building your corporate client list, what to expect from your principal, and how to market your growing practice.

Whether you’re set on having the corner office at Portage and Main, or you just want to understand what a corporate commercial practice can include, the Business Law Group has something to offer you.


Facebook: Business Law Group – Robson Hall


  • Liz Czyrnyj, President
  • Alex Favreau, Vice-President
  • Bonnie Schott, VP Communications
  • Anthony Wong, Treasurer
  • Jodi Berry, Secretary
Cost of Membership: $10
Canadian Journal of Human Rights
The Canadian Journal of Human Rights is an interdisciplinary academic journal published at Robson Hall with a focus on human rights law and policy. Human rights are a broad topic and intersect with many areas of law. Our most recent publication included articles on refugee law, employment law and administrative law, as well as a historical retrospective on the enactment of the Charter. The 2016-2017 Editorial Board is composed of Dr. Donn Short and six student editors, including a Senior Editor and a French language editor. Editors are responsible for reviewing submissions, coordinating peer reviewers and corresponding with authors, as well as editing and typesetting articles already accepted for publication. The CJHR will also be looking for first and second year students to serve as junior editors for the upcoming year. Junior editors will be involved in many stages of the editorial process and gain valuable experience and insight into how an academic journal operates. Our office is located in Rm. 201.

Dr. Donn Short, Editor-in-Chief,

Cost of Membership: No Membership Fee
Environmental Law Group
The Environmental Law Group was first established by a past Robson Hall alumni, and has continued every year since. Our focus is typically on a different project each year with guest speakers throughout. This group attempts to think of ways to resolve environmental issues through the legal system as well as using laws to further the protection of the environment. We hope to help you understand the environmental issues currently being brought to the spotlight and how the law may shape our ecosystem’s future. We also buy a ridiculous amount of tim bits.

Facebook: Robson Hall Environmental Law Group

  • Amie Peterson, President
  • Carter Liebzeit, Vice-President
  • Kamilah Ahamed, Treasurer
Cost of Membership: $10
Criminal Law Group
The Criminal Law Group (formerly known as Student Advocates for Justice) aims to expose law students to the world of criminal law. This group strives to create a community amongst those who love crim, shed light on critical issues in the field from both the Crown and defence perspective and provide opportunities to meet and network with practicing lawyers and judges in the field. This is achieved by hosting speakers from the legal community about a diverse array of topics throughout the year. The group also puts on a dynamic workshop where students are introduced to direct and cross examination techniques by some of Winnipeg’s best criminal lawyers. Make sure to also attend the Criminal Law Group’s “Crime and Cheese”, which provides an unparalleled experience to mingle, network (and drink wine) with the large array of Winnipeg’s criminal lawyers and judges. There is a $10 membership fee, but it is worth every last penny. We hope to see you at our events! #crimcrew

  • Jesse Gietz, Co-Chair
  • Brittany Goodman, Co-Chair
  • Mathew Dueck, Co-Chair
  • Riley Nolan, Co-Chair
  • Hayley Allardyce, 2L Rep
  • Christine Jeroski, Communications Coordinator
  • Caleigh Glawson, Treasurer
  • Kelly Kennedy, Secretary
Cost of Membership: $10


Feminist Legal Forum
The Feminist Legal Forum (“FLF”) is a group of law students at Robson Hall.  The FLF works to promote education on the reality of feminism today as well as inequality and its many layers.  The FLF strives for equality in the Law School, the University and society as a whole.  We are concerned with the relationship between equality and law with a focus on equality in the practice of law and equality in the application of law.

Over the course of the year the FLF works towards these goals through round table discussions, guest speakers, and protest and fundraising initiatives.


Facebook: Feminist Legal Forum


  • Ashley Kaufmann, Chair
  • Rebecca Kunzman, Vice-Chair
  • Jennifer Sokal, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Gwen Muirhead, Treasurer
Cost of Membership: $10
Health and Elder Law Group
The Health and Elder Law Group (HELG) will expose students to different areas of practice and research in health and elder law from various perspectives. As our population ages, Elder Law will become increasingly prevalent and a basic understanding of some of the issues in this area of law will become an asset. Elder abuse, end of life care, access to services and Power of Attorney issues are just some interesting areas of Elder Law. In may respects, elder and health law intersect in relation to mental capacity and decision making, patient rights, as well as confidentiality of health information. Medical malpractice and the regulation of different health care professions is also a popular and interesting topic members of HELG will be exposed to. We welcome and encourage all Robson Hall students who are interested in learning more about health or elder law, and potential career opportunities in these areas to join us!

Facebook: Health and Elder Law Student Group


  • Tanci Smart-Carvalho, President
  • Amanda Cheys, Vice-President
  • Gwen Muirhead, Vice-President
  • Jasmine Bissoon, Treasurer
  • Ellie Einarson, 2L Rep
Cost of Membership: $10
Manitoba Indigenous Law Students’ Association
The objectives of MILSA are:

  • To create opportunities for members of the Manitoba Law Students’ Association (MLSA), students of the University of Manitoba, and the general Manitoba community to participate in cultural activities.
  • To promote Indigenous and non-Indigenous interest and understanding in Indigenous culture and legal issues.
  • To provide forums for speakers from the legal and Indigenous community to share their stories and expertise.
  • To represent and promote the interests of the MLSA’s Indigenous members.
  • To maintain an open-door policy, MILSA practices inclusivity with its membership and events.


Facebook: MILSA (Manitoba Indigenous Law Students’ Association)

  • Alyssa Bird, President
  • Rayanna Seymour-Hourie, Communications Director
  • Raven-Dominique Gobeil, Coordinator
  • Dell Dyck, Treasurer
Cost of Membership: No Membership Fee

Manitoba Law Journal, Underneath the Golden Boy, and Asper Review of International Trade and Business

The MLJ, UTGB, and Asper Review are three of the journal publications offered by Robson Hall. Volunteering with us can translate into a summer job working for Professor Bryan Schwartz, and credit during the school year if you are selected to be a senior student editor.

MLJ: Manitoba-focused articles, as well as special editions which include interviews with Manitoban practitioners

UTGB: Manitoba Legislation-focused articles

Asper Review: International articles, and the chance to organize a conference for practitioners at the end of the school year.


Cost of Membership: No Membership Fee
Migration Law Student Group
The Migration Law Student Group (MLSG) explores the intersections between law and migration, including the areas of immigration law and policy, refugee law and policy and migrant settlement and resettlement. Like the Migration Law Research Cluster at Robson Hall, the MLSG seeks to build knowledge and understanding in these areas within the student body, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement.

Facebook: Migration Law Student Group

Cost of Membership: $5


Outlaws is the queer law student association at Robson Hall. Our goal is to provide a queer positive learning atmosphere and meeting place at the Faculty of Law for all, regardless of sexual orientation. We welcome everyone – whether you are queer or an ally.


Cost of Membership: No Membership Fee
Pro Bono Students Canada
PBSC is an award winning national organization with chapters at law schools across the country. We create legal volunteer opportunities for law students by partnering with public interest organizations throughout the community. All of our projects are supervised by lawyers practising in the community. For many students, a PBSC placement is the first law-related opportunity for professional development and resume building. PBSC volunteer placements also help introduce students to diverse areas of practice, as well as opportunities for mentorship with lawyers and advocates within the community. A list of projects and placements for the current academic year, along with an application package, will be circulated prior to the start of classes.

Cost of Membership: No Membership Fee
Robson Hall Curling League
The Robson Hall Curling league runs every Friday afternoon from 4:30-6:30, and is a great way to kick off the weekend with your fellow class mates!  As one of the more sociable clubs at Robson Hall, it is a great opportunity to get out of the building, mingle with your class mates and blow of some steam with a good old fashion Canadian sport and cheap beer.  Hope to see you all there!

Facebook: Robson Hall Law Students’ Curling League

Cost of Membership: Approx. $400 per team (team can consist of however many people you wish, ideally 6-8)
Robson Hall Debate Society
Debating is a critical skill for many new lawyers. It enhances public speaking by developing confidence and improving style. It allows you practice to argue either side of an argument, even when you don’t agree with your position. It helps you creatively think of many critical issues. Participation will give you a cutting edge in your public speaking competitions for class. The Robson Hall Debating Society is open to all law students attending Robson Hall. We host monthly meetings where students can watch their classmates debate, or give it a try themselves! We give lessons on how to improve debate speeches at the meetings as well.

Cost of Membership: No Membership Fee
Robson Hall Employment and Labour Law Club
The Robson Hall Employment and Labour Law Club provides students with the opportunity to meet and engage with lawyers practicing in this area of law through our various guest lectures that are hosted monthly. Our lectures focus on the different areas of practice in labour and employment and last year we had lawyers from both union and management side give presentations, and we were fortunate to have the Chair of the Manitoba Labour Board give a presentation as well. Also, our club will be sending two teams to participate in the NHL/NHLPA Salary Arbitration Competition hosted in Toronto! The competition simulates the salary arbitration procedure found in the NHLPA’s collective bargaining agreement, and requires students to exercise their written and oral advocacy skills.

Cost of Membership: $5
Robson Hall Human Rights Collective
The Robson Hall Human Rights Collective promotes the idea that all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Human rights is a broad field, which is why we have decided to take a grassroots approach by engaging with the Winnipeg community. Our projects include promoting an accessible campus, advocating for access to education, hosting guest speakers, raising money and awareness for various human rights projects, and providing law students with volunteer opportunities. We are also working on creating a new student-led publication focused on law and human rights. Finally, we encourage students to join our Facebook group for news, events and updates on current social justice issues. As a new student group, we will warmly welcome all new members with candy and we encourage interested students to join us in the quest for human rights!

Facebook: Robson Hall Human Rights Collective


  • Amy Schell, Chair
  • Nat Copps, Vice-Chair
  • Stefanie Reece, Treasurer
  • Rebecca Kunzman, Communications
  • Carter Liebzeit, Secretary
Cost of Membership: $5
Robson Hall Jets
1. Cliff Edwards Classic:

A new season of Robson Hall Jets Hockey is starting up, beginning with the historic Cliff Edwards Classic, taking place near the third week in September at the Max Bell Arena on the U of M campus. The annual tournament pits current law students against alumni and other lawyers who work in the community. It is a great opportunity to get to know both other students who may share similar interests as well as meet practicing lawyers in a more informal, less stressful, setting. Everyone is encouraged to play in this event, regardless of skill level. The cost will be $20.00 per player, which will guarantee three games.

2. Cross-Border Challenge

This year, as with last year, we anticipate attending the Cross-Border Classic at the University of North Dakota. In previous years we have played against other western-Canadian law faculties, as well as other professional faculties at the University of Manitoba. Last year, UofM Med took our title in the finals so we’ll definitely be out to reclaim it! The Cross-Border Challenge really is the highlight of the year!


Cost of Membership:

  • $20 for the Cliff Edwards Classic
  • Cross-Border Challenge: members responsible for paying for own hotel/accommodations. Tournament cost is still unknown but could be anywhere from $0-$40/member.
Robson Hall Law Games
Law Games is an event where students from law schools across Canada meet to make connections while enjoying fun experiences. Activities include a wide variety of sports during the day, a moot competition, trivia, video competition and talent show. There is a formal and other fun events to allow you to get to know your fellow law students while having a great time. In addition to meeting law students from other schools it is also a great way to get to know your fellow Robson Hall classmates better. Law games is also a great way to show off your school spirit and get a short break from classes. We are looking for spirited students who want to get involved and have fun, while playing sports and going on pub crawls. This year it will take place at UBC in early January.

Cost of Membership: No Membership Fee (there are costs associated with participation, including travel fees and accommodations)
Robson Hall Law Symposium Group
As law students we do not get enough time or opportunity to think and question why laws exist and to explore the moral, theoretical, and historical implications and context of law. We also come from diverse cultural backgrounds with different beliefs, philosophies, and world-views that we rarely get to explore in relation to law during class time.

This group is meant to get law students thinking and talking about the historical and philosophical foundations of law and how our own views intersect or conflict with law in a non-pretentious, respectful, intellectually engaging environment. Our discussions are meant to be a chance to respectfully disagree, express your own viewpoints, challenge and be challenged with the goal of learning from others.

We will have scholars and students present research related to the history and philosophy of law and then open up for discussion. We also have a reading group for those who are interested in diving deeper into certain legal philosophers and historians.


Cost of Membership: No Membership Fee
Robson Hall Mediators
The Robson Hall Mediators Group is a student group with a focus on mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) generally. ADR is a growing area in Manitoba and includes everything from negotiation to mediation and arbitration. ADR offers many advantages to traditional litigation – cases tend to be resolved much more quickly and less expensively. ADR also spans many different practice areas, such as family law, criminal law (via restorative justice), employment and labour law, and corporate law. Despite being an important tool for lawyers, there are not many opportunities in law school for learning about ADR. Like most student groups, we host lunches and bring in guest speakers who practice ADR. Notable past speakers include mediators Lawrie Cherniak, Dr. Jennifer Schulz and Eric Stutzman, and lawyers Greg Evans, Steven Raber and Jason Gisser. Additionally, each spring we host a mediation workshop on facilitating difficult conversations. There are also a number of events (conferences, networking events) held by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba that we have passed (and will continue to pass) on to our members.


Cost of Membership: $10
University Law Centre
The University of Manitoba Community Law Centre, also known as the University Law Centre or ULC is located in Room 101 (the basement stairwell). It provides students with an opportunity to get hands on experience doing real legal work. It also exposes volunteers to the realities that many of our community’s most disenfranchised individuals face when they are charged with a criminal offence. Students are supervised by practicing lawyers and are assigned real criminal law files. They meet with clients, conduct intake interviews, negotiate with Crown Prosecutors, set court dates and conduct their own trials.

This volunteering opportunity is available to second and third year students. However, it is never too early to get acquainted with the program by introducing yourself to the office staff and meeting some of the current student supervisors. These students will be more than happy to spend some time telling you why this is quite possibly the best, most transformative and most comprehensive volunteer experience you will take part in during your time at Robson Hall.


Cost of Membership: No Membership Fee