Robson Hall Civil Litigation Society

The object of the Civil Litigation Society is both the development of its members in the area of civil litigation and to promote student interest in the practice of civil litigation as a legal career. We welcome all Robson Hall students as members!

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Robson Hall Debating Society

Debating is a critical skill for many new lawyers. It enhances public speaking by developing confidence and improving style. It allows you practice to argue either side of an argument, even when you don’t agree with your position. It helps you creatively think of many critical issues. Participation will give you a cutting edge in your public speaking competitions for class.

The Robson Hall Debating Society is open to all law students attending Robson Hall. We host monthly meetings where students can watch their classmates debate, or give it a try themselves! We give lessons on how to improve debate speeches at the meetings as well.

The RHDS also organizes events and/or tournaments. –
For further information and to stay informed of meeting times, join our Facebook group: Robson Hall Debate Society 15/16 or e-mail:

CHRR Student Speakers Bureau

The Centre for Human Rights Research Speakers Bureau offers a unique opportunity to connect with students in Grades 7-12 by presenting on topics related to human rights, Aboriginal rights, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Law students plan a presentation and discussion on the requested topic under the supervision of a faculty member, who assists by clarifying points of law and suggesting pertinent cases. Volunteers typically do one presentation each term. The CHRR Speakers Bureau is a wonderful opportunity to plan presentations, hone your speaking skills, become confident in new knowledge, and connect with young people across the city.

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Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee and its membership are part of the Robson Hall – Manitoba Law Students Association group.

The aim of our group is to assist in educating and facilitate opportunities for law students to become involved in a variety of charitable groups and organizations in the community. We are looking to mobilize our time, skill and efforts into making contribution in a number of areas in a way that provides beneficial experience to our student volunteers and makes a positive difference in the lives of others.Community Outreach will be hosting and participating in a series of events and contributing to a variety of causes throughout the 2015-2016 academic year. Opportunities will range from the organized on-campus to liaising with established organizations across Winnipeg to take part in their events.

We would like to encourage interested students to get involved in as much or as little as you’d like! We will be looking to support a range of important initiatives including but not limited to health and cancer research, social services, employment opportunities, mentorship, youth recreation, environmental awareness, animal rights and education.

For more information contact: Mason Broadfoot(Chair),


Twitter: @RHCommOutreach

RH Environmental Law Group

The Robson Hall Environmental Law Group seeks to provide Robson Hall law students with information related to the field of Environmental law in Manitoba, Canada, and around the World. We hope to accomplish this by introducing students to opportunities in the field as well as providing educational opportunities that increase student exposure to current issues and the realities of environmental law practice.


For more details visit the RHELG website

Also visit their Facebook page at


Level (Changing Lives through Law) is a charitable organization bringing together Canadian lawyers, students, and institutions in an effort to create a more just society. Their vision is to use education, the rule of law, and a network of leaders to increase social justice and foster positive change in marginalized populations.

The first goal of Robson Hall’s Student Chapter is to unite students interested in human rights issues and good governance. We do this by hosting events focused on a provided “theme” of the year (for example, refugee rights). Second, we encourage students to participate in local or international research projects offered by Level. These projects, based all across the world, give students the opportunity to work on hands-on initiatives with established lawyers throughout the summer!

For more information please contact or check out the website at


The University of Manitoba offers a wide range of intramurals to its students, and both male and female students at Robson Hall are proud to take part. The University offers intramurals in basketball, dodgeball, floor hockey, soccer, ultimate frisbee, touch football, ice hockey, and volleyball. Robson Hall fields teams in different sports based on popularity, so come ready in September to play, and hopefully we can enter teams into every sport! Intramurals run during the week and times range anywhere from early afternoon to late evening. All that is needed is a minimum four-month gym membership (which is offered at a very affordable price and includes access to the gym and other services offered by the U of M). Robson Hall is also home to the historic Robson Hall Jets, who participate in the Law League and Cliff Edwards Classic Hockey Tournament.

Intramurals is a great way to meet and interact with fellow Robson Hall students (of all levels) outside the classroom. The intramurals at the U of M are fun and accessible to students of all backgrounds, NO experience is needed! Find the sport you like and give it a try! Intramurals are a convenient way to relax and forget about the stress of first year. So bring your gear and take part in the long tradition at Robson Hall.

For more details contact Sports Commitee Co-Chairs Tyler Derksen ( or Kevin Schur (

Robson Hall Bilingual Students Association

The Robson Hall Bilingual Student’s Association is a new student group designed to promote the unique opportunities that are available to English/French bilingual students at Robson Hall. As part of our aim, we will keep our members up-to-date with current events and issues within the Franco-Manitoban legal community. We also aim to keep members informed of any employment or volunteer opportunities available to bilingual students, as well as social and networking events. Find out what French can do for you!


Outlaws is the queer law student association at Robson Hall. Our goal is to provide a queer positive learning atmosphere and meeting place at the Faculty of Law for all, regardless of sexual orientation. We welcome everyone – whether you are queer or an ally. We will have a social get together in September to welcome new students. For further information please watch for announcements.

Mediators Beyond Borders

Mediators Beyond Borders is an international organization with numerous chapters, both professional and university oriented, which brings together mediators and allied professionals to volunteer worldwide in support of conflict resolution capacity building efforts in underserved areas to make them more effective and sustainable. The vision of the organization is to build sustainable conflict resolution capacity for a more peace “able” world. The Robson Hall chapter is the first of its kind in Canada and was started in 2009. By bringing mediation training and conflict resolution programs to the faculty, MBB hopes to broaden the horizons of students looking to contribute to the local and global society around them through workshops, internship opportunities and conference attendance.

For more information on the club and meeting dates, please send an email to