About MLSA

The Manitoba Law Students’ Association (MLSA) is the representative body of all law students at the University of Manitoba, Robson Hall Faculty of Law. The MLSA operates to achieve the betterment of the student experience at Robson Hall.

The MLSA meets from time to time to:

  • Ensure that the priorities, interests and concerns of all its members are represented, recognized and respected;
  • Manage and prioritize the financial affairs of the MLSA;
  • Work toward a good faith relationship of mutual respect, cooperation and understanding with the faculty and Dean;
  • Foster stronger professional relationships with legal communities and markets across Canada;
  • Advocate for better and more affordable programming and services that meet the demands of its members for a more practical legal education;
  • Build a safe, fun, healthy and inclusive community culture for all students to enjoy and remember;
  • Promote community involvement, public service and the betterment of our society;
  • Recognize all forms of student achievement.
  • Improve access to facilities to promote better academic performance;
  • Renew and reconcile our relationship with Indigenous peoples in Canada;
  • Achieve progress in our commitment to access to justice.

The structure of the MLSA is divided into elected and unelected positions.


Elected positions:

There are 14 elected voting members on the MLSA.

The Executive:

  1. President;
  2. Vice-President, External;
  3. Vice-President, Internal;
  4. Vice-President Finance.

Year Representatives:

  1. Two Third Year (3L) Representatives;
  2. Two Second Year (2L) Representatives;
  3. Three First Year (1L) Representatives.


  1. University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) Representative;
  2. University Senate Representative;
  3. Manitoba Aboriginal Law Students’ Association Representative.


Appointed positions:

There are many non-voting members of MLSA Council that are appointed by the MLSA Executive to take the lead on important MLSA priorities and facets of life at Robson Hall.

  1. Governance Coordinator;
  2. Communications Director;
  3. Chair;
  4. Media Coordinator;
  5. Chief Returning Officer;
  6. Desautels Student Representative;
  7. Social Committee;
  8. Community Outreach Committee;
  9. Professional Development Committee;
  10. Sports Committee;
  11. Marketing Committee;
  12. Graduation Committee;
  13. Tuition Negotiation Committee;
  14. Academic Committee;
  15. Spirit Committee;
  16. Photojournalists.

For more information, please consult the MLSA Constitution.

Disclaimer: The MLSA and, or any of its members, cannot give legal advice.